Mini succulent garden is equally beautiful and easy to maintain. Each garden contains three succulents that are nestled in a gorgeous 5" clear glass bowl. Allowing clear viewing from every angle.  

Mini Succulent Garden

SKU: Suc/Mi-Gr520
  • The clear round glass sphere is approximately 5" H x 5" W. The mini succulents will range in size from 2" inches in height to 5" inches in height. Succelents are amazingly resilient.  Grow healthy succulents by keeping the soil moist but not wet. It’s better to let the soil get a little dry between watering than it is to overwater. In winter succulent plants are normally dormant. So water less frequently by keeping the soil dry, but not completely dried out. 

    With proper care succulents will continue to grow and be a thoughfully unique gift to the receipient.